One Earth Recycling

One Earth Recycling

VERIFIED business since Apr 2015

One Earth Recycling is dedicated to making recycling and shopping integrated parts of the same function. By executing recycling as a neatly fitting part of the existing shopping landscape, we are able to act as a powerful marketing vehicle for neighboring merchants who benefit from the "new money" and sophisticated, progressive shoppers that our offering attracts to our host shopping centers.

5980 Fairmount Ave.
Ste. 106
San Diego, CA 92120
United States
  • Community

    We work closely with local non-profit groups to make recycling a powerful fundraising tool for their organizations.  Services range from from facilitating onsite/on-campus bottle&can and e-scrap drives to donating to their organizations for every pound recycled by their members at One Earth Recycling locations. We are also proud to work closely with PWI, a local organization that enables us to put developmentally disabled individuals to work.

  • Environment

    Unfortunately we are not likely to convince Americans to consume less: One Earth makes the responsible retirement of a wide range of material part of the acquisition of new goods and services, thereby giving rise to a much more sustainable model of commerce.  Our 4 San Diego locations are able to spare on average 90 tons of material from local landfills every month, including toxins contained in electronics scrap streams.   We guarantee 100% responsible recycling of e-scrap and we guarantee data destruction in the case of storage devices.

  • Social

    One Earth eliminates traditional barriers to recycling, cutting across demographics so that all members of our community are able to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle

  • Employees Culture

    We are lucky to have a workplace full of vibrant individuals who are excited to have the opportunity to help improve the health of our communities

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