Pacific Foods

Pacific Foods

On the map since Dec 2016

Pacific Foods brings together high-quality ingredients with a love of the planet to make nut and grain beverages, soy and rice beverages, soups, broths, stocks, dips, meals, and sides. 


Tualatin, OR 97062
United States
  • Community

    Pacific Foods supports a local food bank as well as other community organizations and events. 

  • Environment

    Packaging is mainly made from recycled paper without BPAs or preservatives. Energy is saved as refrigeration is not needed. Working towards a zero-waste facility with 80% of company waste being recycled or repurposed. 100% of food scraps are converted into animal feed or compost. Pacific Foods worked towards the restoration of a wetlands area near their farmland area.

  • Social

    Animals are raised humanely and sustainable farm practices are used. Ingredients are sourced ethically and responsibly with strong connections to farmers and ranchers. 

Image credits: Pacific Foods Facebook Page

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