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Paul Carl Digital

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Honesty, transparency, and compassion are the three tenants that guide everything I do. I am a digital strategist specializing in pay-per-click advertising. Your company, your strategy, and your goals are what guide everything I do and create for you. I only work with one company per industry because I am your true partner. I have no conflicts of interest among my clients.

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Rochester, NY 14610
United States

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  • Community

    Education I volunteer to teach a lesson on poetry and literary elements using rap for examples at least once a year for Rochester City School District students. I make my plan and outline available on my website and teachers across the world have used it! People With Special Needs I worked at Mary Cariola Children's Center for 2 years helping kids with special needs. I volunteered on boards and committees while there as well as for special events and fundraisers. Currently, I donate resources, time, and my services to Children Awaiting Parents to help older children, large sibling groups, and children with sepcial needs to find loving families. LBGT I volunteer my time and expertise to help promote a local nonprofit, ImageOut, which promotes awareness, fosters dialog, and builds community through showcasing LGBT arts and cultural experiences.

  • Environment

    My business is paperless. If I cannot repurpose it, I recycle everything I possibly can; even the paper tags from my tea bags! To minimize gas consumption, I schedule as many meetings as I can at local businesses within walking or biking distance. I identified an opportunity and initiated a project while working at Mary Cariola Children's Center that reduced their carbon emissions by over 12,000 pounds annually while reducing energy costs by over $1,600 per year. The payback of the intial investment was estimated to be only 17 months.

  • Social

    I just started volunteering my services to to help spread awareness of current nutrition research with the hope of helping man-kind eat more conciously and live longer, healthier, and happier lives!

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