Raven + Lilly

Raven + Lilly

On the map since Dec 2016

Raven + Lilly works to empower and employ women in a number of countries by creating job opportunities, access to health care, and education. Raven + Lilly sells clothing, accessories, bags, and home items that are handmade and fairtrade.

11601 Rock Rose Ave Ste 110
Austin, TX 78758
United States
  • Community

    Donates back to the communities of the employees. 

  • Environment

    Materials are ethically sourced.

  • Social

    Employees are compensated with fair wages, health care, and education to help combat poverty. 

  • Employees Culture

    Local and cultural artisan work is incorporated to create interesting and different products. 

Image credits: Raven + Lily Facebook Page

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