Reconnect Rochester

Reconnect Rochester

VERIFIED business since Apr 2015

We're working to encourage the widespread use, and the expansion of mass transportation services in the Rochester NY area through programs, events, and resources.

Reconnect Rochester
P.O. Box 67504
Rochester, NY 14617
United States

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  • Community

    Through education and outreach, we will help create a broad base of support for our existing public transit system, shape regional policies to improve it. Thereby reconnecting our community in ways that improve personal mobility, urban vitality, environmental sustainability, and economic development.

  • Environment

    We are working to increase the use of sustainable forms of transportation and reduce carbon emissions.

  • Social

    We organize an annual event, called ROC Transit Day, where we make it fun for drivers to trade in their cars for one day and use public transit instead. The goal is to educate the public of the benefits of public transit and hopefully change some minds.

  • Employees Culture

    We are a non-profit without employees, but all of our meetings are open to the public and we seek to involve everyone in the community.

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