Revel Gear

Revel Gear

VERIFIED business since Nov 2017

REVEL GEAR is a philanthropic outdoor lifestyle brand based out of Boulder, Colorado who specializes in making solar-powered camp lighting. Our mission is simple: Get Out For Good™. Revel Gear is dedicated to making kick-ass outdoor products that enable our customers to do good for others, while helping them do what they were born to do: REVEL. With each photo shared on social media of your #REVELGEAR, Revel Gear will donate either renewable energy or renewable energy and lighting to a community in need.

Boulder, CO
United States
  • Environment

    Apart from making lights that rely on the power of the sun, with each donation of renewable energy and lighting to communities that rely on kerosene lamps, there's one less kerosene lamp in the world, or around 441 pounds less carbon dioxide per year.


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