Rochester Brainery

Rochester Brainery

VERIFIED business since Apr 2015

Rochester Brainery is a place to take or teach classes in Rochester, NY, based on the idea that learning should be fun, affordable and accessible. The Brainery also hosts a variety of community events and organizations. 

176 Anderson Ave
Rochester, NY 14607
United States

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  • Community

    We do our best to keep our classes no more than $15-$30 and try to offer free classes on occasion too. We want learning to be affordable and accssible for everyone so everyone can continue to learn, no matter their age or phase of life.  We also serve as a place for those in the community to share their knowledge with others and make money for doing so! Anyone who teaches at Rochester Brainery is paid $5 per student who attends the class.

  • Environment

    Whenever possible we promote sustainability at events held at Rochester Brainery. We have place settings for up to 40 people on hand to reduce the amount of paper products and plastic silverware used. 

  • Social

    We work with local non-profits to develop monthly fundraisers. The fundraisers work the same way as our classes, so each person that attends doesn't just learn something about the non-profit, but something from that non-profit, in hopes to develop a deeper connection with their cause. 

  • Employees Culture

    We work with local college PR and Marketing departments to give their students hands-on marketing experience. We started doing this in Summer 2012 and are extremely suportive of our past interns, bringing them together with our current interns to talk about experiences and life after college. We pride ourselves on the fact that our itnerns leave feeling like they have real-world experience to put on their resume. 

Image Credits: Rochester Brainery

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