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WakaWaka is an impact-driven social venture that fights to abolish energy poverty throughout the world. They are committed to a sustainable business model that makes the distribution of renewable energy-based lighting easy and cost-effective. In essence, they operate as any other business, but proceeds made from selling WakaWaka products in the West, at competitive prices, are used to make them available to off-grid communities around the world at a more affordable price.

1679 S. Dupont Hwy.
Suite 100
Dover, DE 19901
United States
+31 (0)23 51 76 61 1

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  • Environment

    WakaWaka's products can be used to replace kerosene lamps, which are widely used for lighting in energy poor areas but are very inefficient, dangerous and expensive, and have extensive health and environmental drawbacks.

  • Social

    1.3 billion people around the world - a quarter of humanity - have no access to electricity, and hundreds of millions more face regular blackouts. The effects of this energy poverty are enormous. Lacking power and light severely reduces a family's quality of life. Studies have shown that replacing kerosene lamps with off-grid solar powered products saves money, results in better school grades for kids and increases income-generating capacity for families as a whole. WakaWaka aims to end Energy Poverty by making the worlds best sustainable solar energy solutions available and affordable to the 1.2 billion people who lack access to electricity.

Source: Facebook, WakaWaka

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