On the map since Aug 2017

WaterFX is an independent water producer, building sustainable solar desalination systems to provide affordable sources of distributed freshwater. We ensure the consistent delivery of water for agribusinesses and other commercial water users.

WaterFX manufactures the Aqua4™ - an “engineered aquifer” for reliably producing freshwater when and where it’s needed. At the core, Aqua4™ is a Concentrated Solar Still (CSS), a proven technology for optimizing freshwater production from any source of treatable water. A solar still is a basic device for capturing solar energy and using that energy to evaporate and condense freshwater. 

United States
  • Environment

    WaterFX's Aqua4 incorporates state of the art technology for using solar energy as efficiently as possible to produce over 250 m3 of freshwater per acre. This means greater water production in a small footprint.

  • Social

    WaterFX is challenging the way people think about desalination and where they get their fresh water - their business model aims to drive disruptive changes in the water industry.


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